No asylum in India for violent Rohingyas.

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In a country of 130+ crore people, we are already feeling short of resources and basic life source like water is decreasing with a rapid pace. We already have a large chunk of people below poverty line who are deprived of lots of things. At times we feel that we are unable to feed, give shelter and provide basic amenities to our own people. In the situation of this sort, we cannot take in more people from another country. Even if we decide to do so, on moral grounds, we can think of Balochi people or other ethnic groups who genuinely need a shoulder. Given the history of Rohingyas, they have turned a Buddhist, non-violent nation like Myanmar against themselves, speaks a volume about their habitat. We have heard a lot about their actions in Myanmar and in Kashmir, where they have been rehabilitated recently. They are already involved in anti-national activities in the valley, and if they are not stopped immediately, they will spread like an epidemic in the county.