Protect the hot dog guy who told his story on YouTube and became Iceland's most hated man

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Helgi Helgasson
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Kristian Banshee is a Spanish immigrant who moved to Iceland in 2016 looking for a new life, adventures and astonishing nature. But his expectations were dashed after he ended up working in a famous hot dog stand and became the target of the tourists' cameras. On November 28th he posted a video on YouTube telling his story: "I became an alcoholic and tried to hang myself at work". Then he quit his job, took a camera and went on a bike trip around the country to inspire people with his videos. An Icelandic tabloid published an article depicting him as an unadapted foreigner who doesn't want to learn the language and hates tourists. Being Iceland a really small community, that article has ruined his reputation and now he's struggling to find a new job. "You're the guy from the article, I ain't giving you a job". People recognise him on the street all the time and a few days ago a group of kids started to throw hot dogs at him while he was sitting in a bar with a few friends.

As a freelance journalist, I've helped him to structure and edit an interview where he tries to explain himself. You can watch it on his YouTube channel right now, but I would also like to go further, stop the harassment and give him the opportunities we all deserve. That's why I'm asking the Government of Iceland to:

  1. Provide him with a new job (preferably not with tourists, fish and chips or any kind of fast food that may bring him back memories from his hard days in the hot dog stand).
  2. Provide him with a new address. As he claimed during the interview, he has been in solitary confinement for over 15 days. Most of the locals know where he lives and he has seen them standing in front of the building at night while carrying torches and yelling at him.

Please help Kristian Banshee to have a normal life by signing my petition calling on the Government of Iceland to use its powers and intervene.