Right for Jain's to perform Worship on the Girnar Jain temples.

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The group temples of Jainism are situated on the Girnar mountains in the Junagadh District of Gujarat.
According to Jain religious beliefs, Neminath, the 22nd Tirthankara renounced all worldly pleasures and came to Mount Girnar to attain salvation. Here, he attained Keval Gyan and Moksha.


The Controversy over a piece of land has been going on for several years. While Hindus say the place is devoted to Lord Dattatreya, Jains believe it to be the spot where Tirthankara Lord Neminath attained Nirvana.


"All we want is that Jain pilgrims be allowed to worship the footprints of Neminathji and Shambhukumarji, in keepingwith the Jain tenets, at a fixed time in the day."
With due respect, we pray for the following immediate help from the administrative bodies to maintain peaceful state at the “Girnar Hills” which would be helpful to benefit of all the pilgrims