Get Centers Dedicated to Addiction Rehabilitation and Classes Open Again

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I care because addicts die everyday without the chance of even going through rehabilitation. Those that do know these support networks are less likely to die of addiction. The centers and classes help us understand our disease and how to avoid triggers. 
I am an addict and I don’t want to go back to how I was before being blessed with knowing life without drugs. I have been taught many things that have come in handy but an addicts mind is an enigma if you don’t understand. The people teaching us are what I like to call my heroes because they have devoted their lives to helping us. 
The thing about being an addict is that routine is important, especially if they also have mental illness, which a lot of us do. We are told to keep coming back because one lesson isn’t enough to change our lives forever so we do because we don’t want to go back to the way our lives we before. 
These centers and caring people care about us and believe in us in a way we never can on our own. They teach us that we can live healthy and happy lives as long as we don’t touch that drink or drug. They try to keep in touch with zoom classes but it’s different and most people feel like it’s not the same. Yes, I understand that we can’t risk our health but it’s also ironic because our health is at risk without these classes. Zoom makes people feel like it’s not personal, which I believe is something we need as addicts. We need something concrete. 
You don’t have to support me. I am simply deciding to do something because I zoom classes can easily be dismissed because we aren’t expected to actually show up anywhere. 
I remember a time when I could get dropped off to class and learn in person. I’m the type of person who needs that because I also suffer from mental illness but when I’m in a classroom where my attention is on the lesson I feel more attached and retain more information. 
No, it’s not the zoom teacher’s fault so don’t go there. We just need a place and a person for us to really retain the information and feel cared about because we can’t detach ourselves if we see everything in person and have our workbooks. Well, I do anyway.