Healthy and Safe Roads before Safe Traffic Rules

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The State of Goa is developing rapidly. The automobile industry in Goa is growing in large numbers as well. According to an economic survey, "On an average, 200 vehicles are registered in Goa daily. 75,000 vehicles are registered in Goa each year since 2012." The Road Tax in Goa begins from 8-12% depending on the price of the two wheeler or four wheeler you purchase. Say on an average an individual pays Rs.8,000 on Road tax for his two wheeler and Rs.48,000 for his four wheeler. If you calculate that amount into 200 vehicles everyday the figure is very shameful. Please do the math.

Proper Safety Traffic rules are being made by the Directorate of Transport, but we don't have solid roads in our State. Being a tourist state, roads are really important for us in all locations. They are destroyed during the monsoon season.

  • Why can't we have good quality solid roads in Goa? Isn't that safety too? Potholes and bumps cause major road accidents and it has in the past as well and continues to do so. Sometimes potholes can't be noticed due to water filled in them.
  • Why can't the damaged road be demolished completely and built brand new? Why do we have to do patch work which disappears in 2 weeks. Of course we have the money, people are paying for it everyday.
  • Why do we have water-logging issues on our roads? Do we have proper pipelines and drainage systems? Where is the water going to go? Do we not know that it's going to be pouring every year? What are we learning from visiting various countries abroad? Countries like Ghana, Australia, Nigeria, Kenya, etc have implemented the use of plastic composite roads which are far more superior than asphalt concrete roads. We need to come up with such strategies and at least have normal roads for people to travel comfortably and safely. That's not too much to ask for.

Please Note: This is just a concerned citizen stating his views over issues he and his fellow citizens face every single day of their lives. This petition has nothing related to any political party and is not against any person.

Sign this petition if you think we deserve better quality roads. Hoping this petition brings in more importance for the roads.

Dev Borem Korum.