Dismantle unused Miramar footbridge & use metal for a constructive project

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The footbridge over Miramar-Donapaula highway near Sharada Mandir School at Miramar Panaji has been lying unused for last several years. It has become an eyesore and a monument that symbolises waste of public funds. This bridge was built at a cost of Rs. 1.25 Crores. However, it has not been of any help in solving the traffic chaos it was designed and installed for. Both children and their parents have rejected the footbridge saying it is too high for them to use.

Instead of leaving it in the current state, as responsible citizens it would be fair to demand that the authorities dismantle the bridge and use its steel or any other material for any constructive project elsewhere such as building of infrastructure for a school or other bridge etc. 

To make this possible, lets stand united and sign this petition now. Lets show the authorities that we will make a difference and not be taken granted for.