The Mount - Concerns for the run down state of the Grounds and Buildings

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Stop the Government to "Release of The Mount " for Expressions of Interest. Once the Mount falls into a developer's hand we will lose some of the aspects the Estate. Why has the Government let the Mount deteriorate? 

The Mount, the former official residence of the senior officers of the Royal Navy stationed in Gibraltar. This is an unique place with lots of history handed down to us from the British Government.

We are concerned at the run-down state of most of the Mount grounds and at the dilapidated state of most of its buildings. The history of the Mount dates back to before the Great Siege (1779-83). 

Its grounds are home to many mature specimens and one of Gibraltar’s only woodland habitats (most areas of Gibraltar were stripped of trees post Great Siege in the search for building materials). Over the centuries, visiting dignitaries to Gibraltar have planted trees, such as King George V in 1912 and as recently as Princess Anne in 2004.

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