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Fredrick Asenso Wireko started this petition to Government of Ghana and

I became very sad but vividly understood the malady of insecurity in Ghana. As codified in the 1992 constitution of Ghana article 200 section 3, “the police service shall be equipped and maintained to perform its traditional role of maintaining law and order”. This article spell it out legibly the core duty of the Ghana police service, but the question is, do we experience this as citizens? Are we safe? Can we entrust our security in the hands of the Ghana police?

I personally after thinking about this issue realized that the fuel to this fire is the formulation of the Police council as spelt out in the 1992 constitution of Ghana. Please note, I do not suggest in any form that the constitution is faulty but may have some weaknesses of which situations met may reveal them.


201. There shall be established a police council which shall consist of - 

a) the Vice-President, who shall be Chairman;

b) the Minister responsible for internal affairs;

c) the Inspector-General of Police (who is appointed by the President);

d) the Attorney-General or his representative;

e) a lawyer nominated by the Ghana Bar Association;

f) a representative of the Retired Senior Police Officers Association;

g) two members of the Police Service, appointed by the President, acting in consultation with the council of state, one of whom should be a junior rank, and 

h) two other members appointed by the President.


From the constitution, the Police Council is made up of 10 members of which 80% of them have a political background, and only 20% are from independent bodies. Juxtaposing this analysis to the core duty of the Police service, it implies that a higher percentage of influence of the Police council is from the party in power (incumbent party). Now this has caused fear and panic in opposition parties. This is because they know how they manipulated the police service when they were in power, and now at opposition, they could realize how the incumbent party may also use the Police for its course. 

This fear and panic of the opposition party is excessively exerted on the general citizenry or the public (Ghanaian citizens). The opposition party uses words that will incite the public to be with them as if they care for them but when power turns, they also manipulate the police just as they were blaming the then incumbent party. As a result of this, they form vigilante groups to protect them in opposition (and this a threat to the lives of the citizenry). I speak with facts, the police officers themselves somehow fear to speak to these matters.

This petition seeks to suggest a relook at the formulation of the police council which advises the President on security matters. This is very necessary because looking at the elements that consist of the Police Council, Ghana shall continue to suffer fear and panic and the insensitive activities of the so-called vigilante groups formed by political parties. 

I suggest that law makers should take this petition into consideration to make our security services reach its purpose. Political parties should let the police act accordingly and not responding to manipulative instructions from some so called higher authorities.

Please sign to this petition, also share it with others to sign. Let us share it to reach the right offices. Let us empower the Ghana Police service and say no to Vigilantism! 

Thank you.


0 have signed. Let’s get to 100!
At 100 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!