Ban Hookah ( Shisha ) in Ghana..

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The health and economic burdens of tobacco use are shifting to developing countries with limited capacities to deal with the associated costs. The number of tobacco-related deaths primarily from cigarettes, Shisha and others continues to rise and is now more than 8 million per year.

Tobacco use is the leading cause of Non-Communicable Diseases worldwide; second hand smoke is equally harmful. Research studies have shown that there is no safe level of exposure to secondhand smoke and that secondhand smoke contains higher concentrations and more harmful chemicals than the first-hand smoke inhaled by the smokers. The more secondhand smoke inhaled, the higher the levels of the toxic chemicals in the body and the likelihood of developing smoking-related health problems.

As a matter of urgency, the Government of Ghana must forcefully see to it that the World health organization Framework Convention on Tobacco Control’s MPOWER strategy for Tobacco Control is been implemented after we signed to it in 2004. The Tobacco industry are having a field day marketing death to youths and children in subtle ways and interfering in Government policies meant to regulate them. This is inimical to the health and safety of all citizens in Ghana.

Statistics have indicated that more than 425,200 men, 69,200 women, and 2,700 boys, 3100 girls smoke cigarettes each day killing about 75 men and 21 female weekly according to the Tobacco Atlas, making it an on-going dire public health threat.

The Disease Control and Prevention Department of the Ghana Health Service is worried by the high rate of shisha smoking among Junior High School (JHS) girls.
Latest survey shows, one out of every 50 junior high school girl smokes shisha, and we all need to join in the fight against the use of all forms of tobacco

We Jaishi Youth Initiative ,hereby call on the Government of Ghana to heavily tax tobacco products and earmark the taxes to fund health coverage for the citizen and tobacco control. This is for the sake of the health of all Ghanaian Citizens.

All concerned patriots in Ghana are hereby urged to sign this petition and ask the Government of Ghana and the President to ban shisha in Ghana.

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