Grant Co-Madres Non-Profit/NGO Status

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Co-Madres (Committee of Mothers and Family Members of the Detained, Disappeared and Murdered of El Salvador) have been an internationally recognized Human Rights institution for 35 years.  They were the first recipients of the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Award in 1984.  During the brutally repressive Salvadoran Civil War, Co-Madres risked their lives to document cases of the disappeared, to keep the Salvadoran situation in the international spotlight, organize protest marches, and denounce the detention, disappearance and killings of their loved ones, demanding to know what happened.  As a result of this work, many Co-Madres were detained and tortured.

Although Co-Madres have performed the functions of a non-profit/NGO for 35 years, they cannot receive funding as such because they have not been granted this status by the Salvadoran Government.  This lack of legal status prevents Co-Madres from receiving funding in the form of grants, etc.  This places the organization in a dire financial situation, in which they sometimes find themselves unable to pay the utility bills for their office and bus fare for their members to travel from the countryside to the capital city for meetings, let alone move forward with larger projects they have planned.

Join us in telling the Salvadoran Government, “Co-Madres deserves to be granted legal status as the longstanding human rights institution it has been for 35 years."

During the Salvadoran Civil War of 1980-1992, Co-Madres received international attention and financial support.  Since 1996, Co-Madres have survived on occasional small donations and contributions from their members, who are mostly rural women with little formal education, many older widows with scarce financial resources. 

Today, Co-Madres continue to seek the truth about the disappeared and murdered, advocate for Salvadoran compliance with the recommendations of the UN Truth and Reconciliation Commission of 1993, promote awareness of Human Rights and the legacy of the Civil War through talks at schools and in public workshops, and through various other activities to preserve Salvadoran historical memory.  They also continue to advocate for and provide support for their members. These are women who have made enormous contributions to and sacrifices for Salvadoran society; some of the bravest and most determined people one could ever hope to meet.

Please sign this petition to tell the Salvadoran government to grant Co-Madres non-profit/NGO status without delay!

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