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On January 10, 2013, the citizens of Suez had been waked up by the sounds of gunshots and were surprised to discover in the morning, that stray dogs had been shot dead and dumped beside the garbage bins on the streets, waiting to be removed.

According to SUEZ NEWS NETWORK, the massacre was ordered by the Governor of Suez, Military General Samir Badr Aglan.

On January 15, 2013 Dr. Suad Al-Kholi, Director of Veterinary Medicine, announced that the Directorate has organized intensive campaigns against stray animals which resulted in the extermination of 1,757 dogs and 518 cats stray while 3,266 animals had been vaccinated against foot and mouth disease and Rift Valley Fever.

In another announcement, the undersecretary of the Veterinary Services in Ismailia, stated that the extermination campaigns will be extended to other cities and regions; that they will use strychnine to poison the animals and / or will kill them with rifles.

According to the same announcement, the extermination campaign is organized in the city of Ismailia until January 31, from 15 to 17 of January in the village of Ein twig, and from 19 to 21 January in Balillaah.

In Qantara Sharq Center until January 24, and the Department of Abu Sawyer until January 13, Fayed Center until January 29 and Bakasasin from 5 to 31 January and Paltel great until January 30, and West Qantara until 31 January 2013.

Please help to stop the killings of stray animals in Egypt - please sign our petition and ask your friends and family members to sign it, too.

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The President of Egypt, Mr Mohamed Morsi
The Chairperson of the General Organization of Veterinary Services, Military General and Dr. Osama Selim 
Ministry of Agriculture and Lands Cultivation, Dr. Salah Mohamed Abdel Moemen Khalil
Ministry of Interior, Gen. Mohamed Ahmed Ibrahim Mohamed Moustafa
Ministry of Religious Endowment (Awkaf), Dr. Talaat Mohamed Afify Salem
Ministry of Health and Housing, Dr. Mohamed Mostafa Mohamed Ahmed Hamed
Ministry of Media, Mr. Metwaly Salah Abdel Maksoud Metwaly
Ministry of Housing and Urban Development, Dr. Tarek Wafik Mohamed
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Mohamed Kamel Ali Amr
Ministry of State Environment Affairs, Dr. Khaled Mohamed Fahmy
Ministry of State for Local Development, Dr. Mohamed Aly Ismail Beshr
Ministry of Justice, Dr. Mohamed Saber Ibrahim Arab
Ministry of Education, Dr. Ibrahim Ahmed Ghoneim Deif
Ministry of State for Parliamentary Councils Affairs, Dr. Omar Mohamed Mohamed Salem
Ministry of Tourism, Mr. Mohamed Hisham Abbas Zaazou


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Thank you for signing and for speaking up for Egypt's homeless animals.

Letter to
Ministry of Religious Endowment (Awkaf) Dr. Talaat Mohamed Afify Salem
Dr. Khaled Mohamed Fahmy Ministry of State Environment Affairs (Dr. Khaled Mohamed Fahmy)
The Chairperson of the General Organization of Veterinary Services Military General and Dr. Osama Selim (The Chairperson of the General Organization of Veterinary Serv
and 11 others
Ministry of Interior Gen. Mohamed Ahmed Ibrahim Mohamed Moustafa (Ministry of Interior)
Ministry of Housing and Urban Development Dr. Tarek Wafik Mohamed (Ministry of Housing and Urban Development)
Ministry of Agriculture and Lands Cultivation Dr. Salah Mohamed Abdel Moemen Khalil (Ministry of Agriculture and Lands Cultivation)
Ministry of State for Parliamentary Councils Affairs Dr. Omar Mohamed Mohamed Salem (Ministry of State for Parliamentary Councils Affairs)
Ministry of Justice Dr. Mohamed Saber Ibrahim Arab (Ministry of Justice)
Ministry of Health and Housing Dr. Mohamed Mostafa Mohamed Ahmed Hamed (Ministry of Health and Housing)
Ministry of State for Local Development Dr. Mohamed Aly Ismail Beshr (Ministry of State for Local Development)
Ministry of Education Dr. Ibrahim Ahmed Ghoneim Deif (Ministry of Education)
Ministry of Foreign Affairs Ambassador Mohamed Kamel Ali Amr (Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
Ministry of Media Mr. Metwaly Salah Abdel Maksoud Metwaly
The President of Egypt Mr Mohamed Morsi (The President of Egypt)
stop poisoning and shooting stray animals!

Dear Mr President,
Dear Military General and Dr Osama Selim,
Dear Ministers,

it has come to ours - and the world's - attention, that Egypt has started massive extermination campaigns against straying animals, using strychnine poisoning and / or by randomly shooting the animals.

Poisoning of animals with strychnine is extremely cruel and results in a very painful, agonizing death of the animals. It puts the animals through violent seizures, rigidity, muscle stiffness, fast heart rate, difficult or slow breathing, then cessation of breathing which eventually leads to death. Strychnine poison can also be very dangerous to humans who can come in contact with poisoned foods, as in the case of poor people, street children and garbage collectors, and it has already been reported that also people's companion animals (owned dogs) have become victims of your poisoning campaigns.

Shooting the animals rarely kills them instantly; instead they are left to bleed for several hours and even days until they die in pain and agony.

These are distressing "solutions", unworthy of a civilized country!

We are very shocked by your government's decision to solve the stray animals issue in your country in such barbaric manner, not to mention that it is against the Egyptian Constitution and the Principles of Islamic law (Shari’a) which are the principal source of your legislation, and that states that it is forbidden to kill peaceful animals.

Furthermore, the World Health Organization’s “Guidelines for Dog Population Management” (Geneva 1990) and various other academic studies clearly show that killing dogs is ineffective as a means of controlling stray animal populations, and after 20 years of repeated killings of stray animals in Egypt, you should know by now, that it does not stop the problem and only offers a temporary “solution”.

Catch-Neuter-Return is the only proven humane and effective method to reduce stray animal populations. Statistical studies indicate that in order to fully control a stray population, you need to achieve a 70 percent sterilization rate of the animals within a particular community. Once you reach the 70 percent threshold, the probability that an unsterilized female comes into contact with an unsterilized male is sufficiently small, and the population stops growing.

The only proven and effective method to prevent epidemics and / or to stop the spread of diseases, including rabies, are vaccines and also here, culling of free-roaming dogs and cats has proven to be ineffective.

The International Companion Animal Management Coalition (ICAM) has published a guidance on the humane management of dog populations, which will guide and help you to implement an effective and sustainable approach that is proven to be effective. This document can be downloaded at the following link:


Dear Mr President and dear Government Officials of Egypt, we implore you to stop these extermination campaigns immediately! Not doing so would inevitably harm the reputation of your country; it would be harmful to the beauty and values of your country and it would reduce tourism.

This situation leads to increasing world-wide information campaigns and protests against the atrocities that are being carried out in your country and you can thus expect boycott of tourism and commerce, advertising against Egypt, demonstrations in front of your embassies, travel agencies, on the internet and various media.

We sincerely hope that you will remedy to this atrocious situation. Until such a time, however, we regret that it will be necessary to boycott Egypt both as a tourist and by way of commerce and to encourage others to participate in a boycott as well.

We thank you for having taken the time to read our letter and we will continue to follow the evolution of the stray animals issue in your country with great interest.

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