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Pollution Free Delhi or Refund Taxes !

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Dear Government,

We are honest tax paying citizens who contribute in the nation's development. In every 5 year plan there has been hundreds of crores been getting allocated to clean the river Yamuna. I have been seeing this since last 15 years but no action yet has been taken. Budgets were approved to make garbage treatment plans but you know what happened during these rains in Noida !

I have the below complaints. The govts said:

1. They cannot provide 24x7 Power, we installed Inverters.

2. They cannot provide 24x7 Clean drinking water, we installed water tanks and water purifiers.

3. They cannot provide good public transport, we got personal vehicles.

4. They cannot provide security and safety, we installed private security cameras and kept guards. Well actually, security cameras were promised by AAP.

Now what, they cannot even provide clean Air?? They want us to buy Air purifiers for homes/offices/cars?

Similar situation happened last year as well during the stubble burning in Delhi. There were plans to ban high end diesel vehicles due to which the sale of them was stopped. Later a mere 1% cess was imposed on them and then later allowed? I would want to know where that 1% of extra cess which was collected, was invested to curb the pollution.

Now it has been 7 days, the govt is confused whether to impose the Odd-Even scheme or not ! A similar situation happened in 1950 in London and due to industrialization but that was the one and last time. This is called learning from mistakes. People are seen coughing, wearing masks and yet there is no single action yet. Is this the kind of future we are going to give our kids?

On daily basis we see that old vehicles are polluting the air, massive construction sites are throwing dust off polluting the air(e.g. Delhi Metro).

Every hour, due to taxes, crores of Rupees are generated, cant enough road vacuum cleaners be bought to wipe the dust? Can't air humidifiers be bought and installed near construction sites to settle down the dust(e.g. in China).

In short, sign this petition to Challenge to Govt of Delhi and Chief Minister to know where our hard earned money is going when there is a dire need to take action on a medical emergency like situation.

The govt is unable to decide what to do and hasn't been able to come up with a single course of plan and is just waiting for rain or wind forces to get the dust settled and forget about the issue to again deal it next year.

Thanks !

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