Justice for Nikita Tomar

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Nikita Tomar was a. 21-year-old girl who was shot point-blank in broad daylight by a man named Tauseef. Tauseef wanted to marry Nikita and would constantly call and message her. His family even tried to convert her from Hindu to Islam. However, Nikita would dodge his calls and texts, and always refuse to see him. She was set to marry another man. Enraged to hear this, Tauseef and Rehan decided to "teach her a lesson" and shot her to death outside her college in Ballabhgarh on the 26th of October.

This case hasn't been given the attention it deserves. Major media channels have barely glanced at the direction if this case. Please sign this petition to safely, during these COVID times, show the government how livid we are by Tauseef's actions, and get Nikita the justice she deserves so that we no longer have to see women in this country being mistreated this way