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Government of Cyprus/Family court of Cyprus: Reunite Marla Theocharides with her children!

Marla's children were unjustly taken to the country of Cyprus on January 10, 2011.  Both kids were born and raised in the USA.  Marla Theocharides was granted full custody in USA.  Cyprus courts did not recognize the USA court order.  Marla relocated to Cyprus in April 2013 to be near her children.   Marla, their mother, has been going to court in Cyprus for over 4 years to get her children back.  During this process Marla has never had a final court hearing and never been allowed to present any evidence to the court.  This is a disgrace to two small, innocent children that need their mother.  The kids are currently living with their father's parents.  They are cared for by a Filipino nanny named Erlyn.  The kids have been brainwashed, taught to hate the USA, taught to hate their mother, neglected and alienated from their USA family.  Two innocent children are being used as revenge while the Cyprus courts continue to delay the case.  When Marla visits her children, her daughter refuses to see her or speak to her.   Marla has been denied access to her children, physically assaulted and put in jail when she goes to visit.  Her ex-husand is constantly filing false charges against her for attempted kidnapping, disturbing the public, swearing at him and many others.   In June 2014 the judge unlawfully suspended Marla's visitation rights despite the fact that she pays 500 Euro child maintence every month.  As a foreigner in Cyprus, Marla has been treated very unfairly.  Basic human rights have been violated.  Parental alienation tactics have been used and the Cyprus court system has allowed this abuse to continue.  Please sign this petition to make a change in Cyprus for all family court matters to handled adequately, quickly, and in a manner that is best for the children involved.  Four years is too long for two small babies to be without a mother.
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