Free Uighur Women married to Pakistani men who are arrested on false charge of terrorism

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Sign This Petition to rise voice  for China-born Uighur Muslim women married to Traders of Pakistan administrated territory  Gilgit Baltistan , who are arrested on false charge of terrorism 

Chinese authorities have detained at least 50 Uyghur women married to Pakistani men. According to their husbands, they are being held in re-education camps as a result of China’s suspicion of their alleged links to extremists. Their Pakistani husbands, most of them from Gilgit-Baltistan, are demanding the release of their wives and the renewal of their visas as Xinjiang authorities are deporting them and refuse to renew their visas while forcing them to leave their children behind. 

The life of children and families has also been severely affected.

A child said, "They took away my mother, I miss her very much."

Xinjiang's proximity to Gilgit-Baltistan has seen both of these regions sharing long historical, cultural and family ties. Many Uighurs are married to Gilgit-Baltistan locals. The arrests of Uighur women could be a result of China's suspicion of their alleged association with Islamist extremists.

An all-party conference was held in Gilgit recently on Chinese transgressions and a demand was made for the immediate release from jail of over fifty Uighur women who had been implicated on false charges of terrorism.

Help Young Activists Movement [YAM] Human Rights Campaign by signing this petition to demand  that authorities in China’s Xinjiang province immediately release from detention at least 50 Chinese women married to Pakistani men, some of whom have been held for a year on vague charges of extremism.

Share and sign this petition to condemn the on-going persecution against the Uyghur community and calls on the Chinese government to release the Uyghur detained in re-education camps

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