Wages increment in trucking industry of canada

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Overall In canada trucking industry is going so good . There is so many jobs for the trucking and so much work in Canada to move the products here to there and everywhere in Canada and outside of canada. But the problem is that the wages . All the trucking employers get the work from the companies and sign the contracts at a very lower price, make the competition with other carriers and dispatch to the drivers by paying a few dollars and get their work done and make money . The problem is that 10 to 15 years ago the drivers pay was minimum 20$ Per hour and wages per mile was $0.40 or $.050 per mile and everything was cheaper such as groceries, Clothes, mortgages , fuel etc. But today prices are so high and the driver wages came down to $15 per hour or $0.36 to $0.45 per mile. Carriers were paying a waiting time to the drivers after 30 minutes and now some carriers pay waiting time after 2 hours or some carriers don’t pay for waiting time either just because the carriers sign the contracts at a very lower charges so they can’t afford to pay the drivers. 10 years ago owner operates hourly wages were $75 per hour and now $35 to $50 per hour then they deduct for the fuel, insurance, license plates, truck yard rent etc. It’s very hard to survive for the owner operators. If the owner operator or drivers does any single little mistake then the carriers deduct money 5 times extra than the damages cost. The carriers always trying to push the truckers to complete the job at lower wage or for free. There is no respect for the truckers at all . Truckers are being exploited and treated worst than animals. If trucker is trying to fight with the employer or through the employment standard office for the compensation then the results come out zero and these things encourage carriers to do anything wrong with the trucker . So they keep doing and they have no fear of police or government. Just because of these things 75% truckers leaving their trucking jobs because it needs to do lot of work and hours for getting paid nothing. Every trucker is in stress especially owner operators as they have lots of expenses and earning is nothing front of the expenses due to an expensive fuel rates . Everything getting expensive and carriers keep reducing wages and pushing everyday to get the jobs done. Need to take a strictly actions against the carriers otherwise trucking is dooming and it will be more hard to survive. I can just give a example now:- I start work at 6 am doing first move in city and finish a move at 12.30 pm so it took 6 hrs & 30 minutes for earning $180 including fuel $40+ maintenance $20 so at the end i save $120 in 6 hrs & 30 minutes that the outcome is $18/hr I earned as a owner operator which is worst earning than a cleaning job lol. As most of the work carriers get done for free from truckers.

This problem can be solved through our Canada government by taking a strictly actions and labour laws. The Canada government has to present a trucking wages chart and employers failure to comply the rules and regulations should be charged a great amount in fine and company should be banned so others can learn a lesson from the one. So when these types of punishments will be in act then the carriers will have a fear and won’t be encouraged anymore . And the employment standard office have to take a action right way when they get any complaint from the employee whether it’s driver or owner operator. And the minimum wages should be for the drivers :- $28-$35 an hour, waiting time $25 an hour after first 30 minutes, $0.70/mile within canada, 0.80/mile outside canada, and there should not be paid by loads/moves from the company yard to within limits of 300 kms. And for the owner operators wages should be $75/hr, and highway $2/miles within canada and & $2.30/miles outside canada, waiting time should be $50/hr after first 30 minutes there should not be paid by loads/moves within from 300kms of company yard. Then the future will be good for truckers and government has to issue the wages chart. Government has to involve in this problem otherwise carriers will do worst than now in future. So if any carrier try to pay the trucker less than the government chart wages must be charged a huge amount in fine and banned company forever. So like this we can save the trucking industry from defamation and dooming.

Personal story
I am city owner operator and tried to work in many companies to get compensated fairly but every carrier has a same problem and with my friends happening same thing and we are in stress and thinking everyday to how can we survive , when the thing gonna be fixed .so we tried to take step and bring this issue in mind by petitioning online to get the results and for better improvement.