The Canadian Government to place Tariffs on Foreign Oil

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Hundreds of thousands of barrels of oil are imported from Middle East and South American Oil Producers. These barrels of oil are shipped to refineries in NB and Quebec and processed into gasoline and other products. Western Canada has plenty of domestic oil that should be prioritized for those refineries. 
Canadian oil is more ethically produced and environmentally sustainable than oil currently imported. 
Besides those two important points, the economic impact to sustain Domestic production and realize Taxes from Canadian Energy Producers is vitally important to ALL Canadians. 
In light of the Covid-19 worldwide economic crisis, magnified by the Russia/OPEC oil price war, the government of Canada needs to bolster in-country sustainability of oil and natural gas products. 
By placing tariffs on foreign oil products, domestic product can compete better for refinery space all-the-while deliver cleaner energy and taxable revenue to benefit ALL Canadians.