Stop the prison industrial goat farm

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In 2021, the Correctional Service of Canada (CSC) plans to establish an industrial goat dairy operation at the Joyceville federal penitentiary in Kingston, Ontario. This will potentially be the largest goat farm in Canada, with 2200 goats kept in confinement, using underpaid prison labour to produce large volumes of milk for commercial sale.

There is no rehabilitative value for prisoners working in an Intensive Livestock Operation (ILO). The goats will be kept in unpleasant and unnatural conditions. A massive manure lagoon will be constructed to store 12,000-13,500 pounds of manure a day. The working conditions and compromised air quality (bioaerosols, dust) in industrial animal agriculture increase risks of respiratory illnesses, viral illnesses like COVID-19, and workplace injury. This goat farm could also cause odour, air and noise pollution in surrounding communities, and groundwater contamination.

This petition calls on the Government of Canada and the Correctional Service of Canada to immediately halt and cancel this planned prison goat farm, which will have a harmful impact on prisoners, prison staff, the animals, the environment, and surrounding communities.