Stop Discrimination Against Indigenous Peoples in Canada

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Indigenous discrimination in Canada has been an ongoing and pressing issue for years. 

Incarceration rates of Indigenous peoples are at an all time high, as Indigenous men make up 25.2% of all federally imprisoned males and indigenous women account for 36.1% of all federally imprisoned females. Currently, more than a quarter of inmates in Canadian prisons are Aboriginal but only 5% of Canadians are indigenous.

Aboriginal people remain at higher risk for sickness and death than non-aboriginal people, as rates of diabetes, heart disease and tuberculosis are on the rise. There is a complete lack of funding for health services for Indigenous people in comparison to the availability of these services provincially. Furthermore, there is a lack of services for those with mental health issues, leaving people and children to suffer on their own. First nations people have the highest rate of suicide in any Canadian province, yet the least provision of help.

Wage gaps are also very prevalent currently, as a study from 2010 displayed that the average median income for Indigenous peoples was $18,586, while the average income for non-Indigenous people was $41,052. Four out of five Aboriginal reserves have a median income that falls below the poverty line of $22,133. Low levels of education and employment are creating poverty issues, which in turn lead to housing problems. 

The Government of Canada must step in, take control, and make the changes necessary. Funding must be increased for health services, support must be provided for those with mental health issues, and the gap must be closed in regards to employment income and incarceration rates. We must act now.