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Our public broadcaster has been hit with a new round of budget cuts.  

This time, a $130 million cut will drastically affect the CBC’s ability to carry out its work from coast to coast to coast.

Ever since they took office, Stephen Harper’s Conservatives have been targeting CBC/Radio-Canada with cuts and repeated threats to its independence. In 2012, the Conservatives cut $115 million over three years—leaving the broadcaster more vulnerable than ever, while the television market evolves and becomes more competitive.   

Canadians have shown massive opposition to this Conservative pet project. It’s time for the Conservatives to take note – and take their hands off the CBC.


Letter to
Government of Canada
We, the undersigned Canadian residents, note the following:

-That since 1936, CBC/Radio-Canada has been a core cultural institution, broadcasting Canada’s unique identities and linguistic realities;
-That CBC/Radio-Canada’s announcement that they will slash their budget and cut hundreds of jobs raises concern over the survival of our public broadcaster;
-That the Conservative government and the Minister of Heritage are seriously harming our public broadcaster, when they could be doing exactly the opposite – helping CBC/Radio-Canada face new challenges and become more accessible to more Canadians by using new technologies;
-That stable, predictable, multi-year financing would protect the CBC/Radio-Canada from the ups and downs of the advertising market and maintain its editorial freedom from the government.

Therefore, we call on the Government of Canada to end these attacks against the CBC and guarantee stable, adequate, multi-year financing for our public broadcaster to allow the CBC to live up to its mandate from coast to coast to coast.

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