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Government of Canada should send drought aid directly to organizations based in Somaliland

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Dear Prime Minister Trudeau, Minister Freeland, and Minister Bibeau,

Firstly we would like to thank you for providing assistance to countries suffering from food crises in Africa and the Middle East.

According to a report by CBC News, Somalia will receive $21 million from the $119 million aid package that was announced by Immigration Minister, Ahmed Hussen. The report also states that Canada's contribution will be delivered through non-governmental humanitarian organizations in Somalia.

The amount for Somalia is not what prompted this letter - but rather the worrying reality that Somaliland might not get any of the above-stated aid.

The Republic of Somaliland is a de facto sovereign state that has been independent for the last 26 years. The de facto state has never had any relations with Somalia or the central government since they restored independence in 1991. Despite having de facto independence, Somaliland is still internationally unrecognized.

As you are all probably aware, Somalia's "central government" has been widely associated with rampant corruption, fraud, and money laundering. Many NGO's based in Somalia often cut deals with the government and have been accused of being just as corrupt. There is no guarantee that aid will reach Somaliland if it is sent to NGO's that are not based in Somaliland.

That being said, we are kindly asking the Government of Canada to send Somaliland’s portion of the aid directly to NGO's and charities based in Somaliland.

Many countries that have informal ties with Republic of Somaliland such as the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Ethiopia and the United Kingdom have done so already.

We strongly believe that the Government of Canada is truly sincere about helping those in need. Therefore, we cannot stress how important it is to get in contact with Somaliland NGO's and charities in order to help the desperate drought victims in Somaliland.

Somalilander-Canadian Community and Global Somaliland diaspora

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