Shorter Wait Times for Family/Spouse Sponsorships to Canada

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We understand the importance of immigration and the sensitivity of controlling the influx of people to Canada. We understand that fraud is prevalent and we must take all the necessary preventative measures to protect against marriage fraud. 

What we don’t understand, us, the ones with so much love in our hearts but go to sleep alone and live with heavy longing and even heavier hopes; is how regardless of all the time and investments that go into preparing an application, our wait time is still very long. Refreshing our emails everyday for any kind of update to when we will be able to hug our husband or wife again, kiss our children goodnight. 

We propose that the Government of Canada, place more attention to wait times in applications placed for all outland sponsorships. The reason for this request is that there have been an alarming amount of people suffering and struggling alone or with children, pregnant women worrying about documents and updates instead of being at ease with her partner, people spending a lot of savings money on trips abroad, some who can’t afford any trips abroad, some who cry themselves to sleep because they haven’t seen their family in a year... the list goes on. We are asking for a bit of mercy and understanding to all the time, effort and investments that have gone into preparing our applications and that we just want to be reunited with the people we love as soon as possible. 

We propose a faster processing time of 5-6 months, allowing people to have a more appropriate timeframe to look forward to, allowing us to be happy again, to carry our babies to term together, to pay our bills together, our taxes together, visit parks and attractions together but most importantly: to enjoy our lives together. 

Thank you for always being an understanding government that takes good care of its people, we hope you take our request into consideration and offer us a response. 


Thank you.