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Prince Harry of Britain and Meghan Markle, his wife, have announced they want to spend time in Canada (possibly immigrating here), want to be financially independent, and want to distance themselves from royal British monarchy duties. The Canadian Government appears to be considering spending several million dollars a year of our tax dollars to provide security for this couple should they choose to move to Canada. The couple is already independently wealthy due to the income from the British Duchy of Cornwall. And, of course, the monarchy, funded by British taxpayers, will not let this couple flounder in middle class living or lower. If the prince and his wife wish to become "financially independent" and more like "average citizens" they should pay all of their own costs of their own lifestyle. It has been reported in another petition that Meghan's current wardrobe costs alone are approximately 1 million British pounds per year. We, the Canadian taxpayers, should not in any way be responsible for ANY costs this British royal couple incurs in their most recent stated intention of becoming "independent" and move to Canada. Make sure your Canadian government representative hears your voice, and say "NO" to Canadian taxpayers dollars going to this British royal couple.