Make Forceful Removal of Hijab a Double-Charge: Assault and Hate Crime

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Amongst the Black Lives Matter protests in the United States and Canada, many muslim women have been assaulted, arrested, and had their hijab removed. Anyone who has little knowledge about Islam and how headscarves are important to Muslims knows that the hijab must be worn in public and can only be removed in places such as your own home. 

Many police officers have been involved in these acts of hatred and discrimination against muslims and as a middle eastern person I need to spread awareness and keep my muslim sisters safe from this disgusting hateful behavior. 

In Canada, it is not illegal to remove the hijab from a muslim woman’s head. Police officers and authorities justify their actions because there is no law against it. I am only young, and so are many of the women experiencing this discrimination. This needs to stop NOW, we need to get justice for all our muslim sisters!

Just last year, a 12 year old girl was forced to remove her hijab in Canada by airport employees.

We are asking the Government of Canada to make a change and to make this blatant hate crime illegal for the safety of muslim women in Canada.