Lower Income Tax Rates

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Income tax was never meant to last this long. In 1917, it was introduced by finance minister Sir Thomas White just as a way to fund for Canada's military services fighting in World War I. Common sense states this tax to be temporary, but after the war, parliament continued only what Sir Thomas White hoped for: income tax.

After 100 years, income tax makes up for 56% of federal government revenue, and approximately 43% of the average Canadian family's expenses. At this rate, there is no sign of income tax rates decreasing, as they actually greatly increased since the last federal election. 81% of middle-class families are paying more income tax under current ruling, which is contrary to what the government promised for the middle class.

One of three things need to happen. The income tax rates must decrease, the income tax system must reform, or the income tax system must be abolished as a whole. For the benefits and success of current working Canadians and future young Canadians, the word must be spread, and change is needed immediately.