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jim callan started this petition to Government of Canada

Information contained in this petition is from the public domain.  This petition has its origins in. criminally obtained corporate money that is now being washed in Canada by Hochtief AG of Essen Germany.  Justin Trudeau and his political team, plus the entrenched civil servants are facilitating Hochtief AG ( a German corporation that owns Turner Construction USA) is buying up Canadian businesses ie Clark Builders Edmonton, AB, that have access to Canadian and Provincial Government infrastructure contracts.  Hochtief AG ‘s vast profits  come from corporate criminal activity on three (3) continents; Australia, Africa and Europe.  

In Australia:   On January 19, 2014 Hochtief AG were fined $400,000.00 in relation to their acquisition of the Australian construction company Leighton Holdings. Consequences:   Australian shareholders of Leighton Holdings shareholders were defrauded of millions collectively, by Hochtief AG

In Africa:   On January 09, 2007 The European Courts designated that Hochtief AG was involved in the criminal enterprise of bid rigging, by paying their competitors to bid higher than Hochtief AG.                                                                       Consequences:  Mineral Resources of South Africa will be applied to National debt for generations to come thereby continuing to impoverish South African citizens.

In Europe:   Athens Administrative Court vindicates the Greek government in its long legal battle with the German Hochtief AG on the issue of withholding VAT tax from the Greek State in the amount of 600 million euros for tax that was not attributed to the Greek State over the last 20 years for the Eleftherios Venizelos Airport. Consequences:   This judgment brings the German “giant” (Hochtief AG) to be one of the biggest debtors and tax evaders in Greece. By creating more financial debts; for example to pension funds; the total amount that Hochtief AG owes touches the one (1) billion euro.  Greek taxpayers have lost 400 million from the cut offs of their annual salaries and pensions.  

In Canada:  Hochtief AG of Essen Germany is now the majority owner of the long established Canadian owned Construction Company Clark Builders of Edmonton, Alberta.  Hochtief AG is now expanding in Canada through acquisitions of other Canadian owned companies that have a history of access to Canadian and Provincial Government Contracts.                                                             Consequences:   Hochtief AG’s majority ownership of Clark Builders of Edmonton Alberta since 2011 has hundreds of cases brought by subcontractors against Clark Builders as opposed to 13 court cases that have been found before Hochtief AGs majority ownership. Cynically Trudeau forces small Canadian companies to shoulder the overwhelming financial burden of fighting back against his corrupt alliance with yet another international corporate criminal. These litigation costs are a consequence of Trudeau's indifference to small business in Canada. Hochtief AG/Clark Builders of Edmonton continue the practice of bid rigging, which at this time leaves Canadian tax payers on the hook.

Since 2016 the Trudeau government has colluded and facilitated with Corporate Hochtief AG / Clark Builders of Edmonton Alberta by awarding taxpayer funded infrastructure contracts worth hundreds of millions of dollars to what is in fact a foreign criminal corporation. No level playing field here as no Canadian company would have the slightest chance of accessing Government contracts with this kind of criminal background.

It is not acceptable that there is a common denominator in Canada between Canadian tax payer funded projects that included Educational Facilities and the assembly line mass murder of thousands of children and young adults in Europe. That common denominator is Hochtief AG of Essen Germany / Clark Builders of Edmonton. 

It worth noting that when Hochtief AG brought into Canada 49.9 Million dollars that paid for majority ownership of Clark Builders of Edmonton.  these monies were criminally obtained from Australia, South Africa, Greece and the Death Camps of Nazi Germany. Hochtief AG made this purchase in Canada without disclosing the source of their money.  This amount of money was just under 50 million in order to avoid Government scrutiny. It is a horrific tragedy that a common denominator now exists between the Education of Canadian Students and a criminal corporation who participated in mass murderer for financial gain in Europe. 

This petition requires two (2) actions from Justin Trudeau: 

  • To cease the flow of Canadian tax dollars to this historically criminal international corporation who created their initial working capital through its partnership in twelve (12) slave labour death camps in Nazi Germany. 
  • Take responsibility for the costs of litigation brought by hundreds of Canadian small business, now in court with the corporate giant Hochtief AG / Clark Builders of Edmonton, Alberta

Supporting Documents

I. The Case:  Deutsch v. Turner

The suit by Appellant Josef Tibor Deutsch (“Deutsch”) is the only action before us concerning wrongs committed by German rather than Japanese corporations and the only action that was not consolidated with other cases by the district court.   It is, in other words, the only Holocaust case at issue here, and it, unlike most of the Japanese cases, involves only a single plaintiff.

Currently a resident of California, Deutsch, a Jew, was born and raised in Hungary.   Deutsch asserts that, in 1944, when he was a child, the Nazis took over his town and transported him and his brother Georg to Auschwitz.   There the brothers were tortured and forced to work as slaves for 14-hour days, seven days a week.   Their work was for the benefit of private corporations, which entered into agreements with the Nazi government, whereby they paid the Nazis less than the prevailing wage for the work of the slaves.   The corporations for which the Deutsch children labored included Appellee Hochtief AG (“Hochtief”), one of Germany's largest and oldest construction companies.   A civilian employee of Hochtief overseeing the slave laborers in their work for Hochtief beat Deutsch's brother Georg.   Georg ultimately died from his injuries.   By a stroke of good fortune, Deutsch, unlike most of his co-religionists, survived.

On April 7, 2000, Deutsch filed a complaint in the Superior Court of California against Hochtief, its wholly owned subsidiary the Turner Corporation, a Delaware corporation, and the Kitchell Corporation, an Arizona corporation that Hochtief owns in part.   Deutsch alleged intentional infliction of emotional distress, unlawful business practices under the California Business and Professions Code, quantum meruit, and wrongful death.   The action was removed to federal court on the ground of diversity jurisdiction.

Deutsch's basis for bringing the action so long after the alleged acts is section 354.6 of the California Code of Civil Procedure, which confers jurisdiction on the Superior Court to hear claims by “[a]ny Second World War slave labor victim” or “Second World War forced labor victim,” or their heirs, against “any entity or successor in interest thereof, for whom that labor was performed, either directly or through a subsidiary or affiliate.”  Cal.Code Civ. Proc. § 354.6(b).  Section 354.6 permits such actions to be brought on or before December 31, 2010, regardless of any otherwise applicable statute of limitations. § 354.6(c)


German Private Entity (Hochtief AG)  that Exploited Slave Labor and that had Swiss Offices or Subsidiaries

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Synowodzko Wyzne
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