ID Badges Listing Diagnosis For All Special Needs/Diagnosed Individuals

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Currently. there is no physical implementation of ID related to Special Needs. This is not an effort to call a child out on their diagnosis, but instead to make things easier for our special needs children (of any and all diagnoses and severity), to remain safe, to live their lives and to prosper in a way that's conducive to all. A helping hand, in addition to supports given by other outside agencies and by the government itself, to transition these unique individuals in a productive way. I think, if more people were aware of issues, especially in regards to speech, cognitive ability, etc, going forward, there could not only be more understanding in terms of the issues these individuals face, but also less trauma dealt at the hands of a public, service or otherwise that has happened in the past. 

Having ID specifically identifying those that may need a different approach, or a different hand, can never be wrong. I can only see this benefiting the city as a whole, the province overall or the country in the long term.