Government of Canada needs to invest more money into Emergency Room departments!

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Canada has some of the longest emergency room wait times in the world. The average Canadian citizen waits over 4.4 hours when seeking treatment from Emergency departments. The time waited by patients can lead their symptoms to worsen before they are able to get a consult from a Doctor. This issue exists because Emergency rooms often have poor triage systems in place as well as understaffed departments. This lengthy process of seeking treatment can have adverse effects on patients physical health and well being.

Increased Government funding would allow hospitals to adopt new automated triage systems which allow patients to self register in a confidential matter. This would allow triage nurses to focus more time on assessing patient symptoms rather than gathering information (i.e. health card information, address, medical history etc.). Additionally the funding can go towards increasing staffing levels of Nurses and Doctors so that more professionals can attend to patients in a more timely fashion.

Personal story
Two years ago my best friends father had a stroke. He was taken to the emergency room and the family alerted hospital staff of his symptoms. Although the hosiptal was aware that he was having symptoms of a stroke there were no doctors available to treat him and he ended up waiting upwards of 4 hours to seek treatment. Her fathers symptoms worsened to the point where he lost all feeling in his legs before even seeing a Doctor. The time that her father waited in the Emergency Room had a large impact on his physical health. He was eventually treated by a Doctor however the stroke had gotten so bad with time that he needed to stay in the hospital for nearly a month and had to endure countless months of rehab to regain physical functions. If her father was treated sooner, the symptoms would have been able to be managed and would most likely lead to a shorter recover. This is one of the many examples of how Emergency Departments around Canada are failing ill/ injured citizens.