Government awareness and long term support for festival vendors.

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This petition is to raise awareness of a category of work force in Canada that has been hit very hard by the economic shutdown around covid 19. We would like raise awareness to our different levels of government that we will need there long term support now more then ever. Many of us are reliant on the festival season to get the vast majority of our years income. Festivals have already been cancelled for the majority of the summer and fall. We don’t generally qualify for unemployment, even though we currently qualify for 16 weeks of CERB we are not going to quickly recover from this in our industry. This will have 12-18 months of impact for us. Many vendors I have meet in my years as a vendor also are moms and even single moms or have children with special needs. We became a full time vendor and working mainly summers at festivals to create our entire years income so we could be there for our children. We as vendors spend tens of thousands of dollars in advance to book festivals, pay for stock and equipment. We do not qualify for the $40k loan because we don’t have $20k in payroll. Please wave the $20k payroll limit and add long term CERB support for our industry for those who will need it.