Get Sergio on the transplant list

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Sergio Soberano Osorio is a Mexican migrant living in Canada,  is father of 2 Canadian born babies he had with his wife Beatriz Adriana Mora Manriquez.

Sergio suffers from kidney failure and is living on borrowed time, each day it passes its a day closer to death if he can´t get on a transplant list that the government is not allowing him to get in because of the Canadian policy that bans people with disabilities and excessive health needs from immigrating to Canada.

The Toronto couple has applied for permanent resident status on humanitarian and compassionate grounds and has been waiting almost four years for a decision. Without permanent residency, Soberano is not eligible to get on the transplant list — even though his wife’s sister is willing to donate one of her kidneys if she’s a match.

We urge our Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the Government of Canada in General to help Sergio get on the list as soon as possible so he can survive kidney failure and get to  raise his children with his wife in Canada.

Yes , Ottawa is reviewing the policy but we do not know when will a final decision for  migrants with disabilities and excessive health needs who wish to stay or immigrate to Canada be made. Bureaucratic delays to pass bills or modify policies are normal worldwide but Sergio does not have the time to wait.

Sergio needs a new kidney , please sign this petition so Sergio can get on a transplant wait list as soon as possible.

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