Fighting for the Rights for Alberta Doctors is a Fight for Everybody's Rights

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The Alberta government, in the midst of the COVID19 healthcare, crisis has decided to literally rip up the provincial agreement with the Alberta Medical Association.  This government is using public tax dollars to spread misinformation and denigrate the very workers we are in such a dire need of.

This took effect April 1, well after the steps required to fight this horrendous public health threat.  The doctors had agreed to arbitration but the most attention they received from the Alberta Health Minister Shandro was a visit to a "neighbours" (two miles away) home where he berated and intimidated that particular neighbour who happens to be a doctor while, at the same time, refusing to meet with the AMA as a whole.

Shandro further by used his "position of privilege" to bypass the Protection of Privacy legislation to obtain another doctors "private home phone number" to phone this doctor and intimate more.  The Alberta government has forced the AMA to pursue legal action to fight for their professional bargaining rights.  This is not the actions of a government that is reportedly "acting in the best interests of Albertans".  Alienating and bullying your most effective tool in the middle of a pandemic is not democracy nor in the best interest of those citizens hoping to be protected by professionals who are themselves under attack by ideology rather than scientific fact.

As a survivor of the polio epidemic I am considered a "high risk" potential victim of this virus.  I will fight in any "legal" means available to support our lines of defence against the Coronavirus.  I have to much respect for healthcare professionals to see "political abuse" rained down on them in an already stressful situations.  I plead with you to support our health care hero's...