Revise Canada's Annual Annuity to Former Governor Generals.

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Disgraced Governor General Julie Payette will collect a six-figure annuity for the rest of her life, even after resigning her position after costly investigations revealed she harbored an unsafe, toxic and abusive work environment for her staff and colleagues at Rideau Hall.

Under the Governor General's Act, former GGs are entitled to a lifetime annuity, which currently amount to nearly $150,000/year of tax payer dollars. They are also entitled to a lifetime expense program for office and travel expenses (up to $206,000 per year under the current program). This does not include a $3 million start-up grant (up to $7 million over 10 years to match donations from the private sector) to create an non-profit Organization, which is in addition to the Pension and Office/Travel Expenses.

A Report on retired GG Adrienne Clarkson revealed that she has billed more than $100,000 to the government nine times in the 12 years since she retired (that's nearly $1 million out of taxpayer's pockets) and received millions of dollars to establish the Institute for Canadian Citizenship.

A spokesperson for the NDP said that if there's a way to cancel Payette's annuity, New Democrats would support it since Payette failed to provide a harassment-free workplace for her workers. Many question the validity of the role of Governor General in Canadian Politics, but the first thing we need to address is supporting (or even rewarding) Payette for her inexcusable performance in this role. 

Tell Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Government to make some critical cuts to this overly generous and unnecessary payout to Government officials during a time when Canadian Tax Dollars are desperately needed elsewhere.