Eliminate tolls on the Confederation Bridge

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Summerside City Council has recently passed a Confederation Bridge Toll Policy to offer support to Senator Percy Downe.

The Confederation Bridge toll of $47.75 is a burden on every Islander, every business, and every tourist, and is a deterrent to economic growth and prosperity.

Canada made a constitutional promise to Prince Edward Island as part of its entry into Confederation in 1873.

As busy and as important as the Champlain Bridge (in Montreal) - new or old - might be, it does not exist to meet a constitutional requirement. Confederation Bridge does.

As the smallest province in Canada, let Prince Edward Island and the voices of its people be heard collectively. Working together we are stronger with a united voice on this Advocacy Effort for PEI. 

Every voice counts.

We, the undersigned, want the Confederation Bridge tolls eliminated to the mainland as part of Canada.