Drive-Through Covid-19 Testing

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This petition is considering the COVID-19 global outbreak, I feel that canada isn't taking the right approach to contain the virus. People should have access to be tested for the virus on a daily basis so that they know to contain themselves and stay away from parents and grand-parents. They're more focused on people that have been traveling when they should be more focused about the people that have been infected by these travellers. We should be more worried about the people that dont show symptoms and are infected going through their regular lives infecting others without knowing that they're sick. This is because of the lack of test kits avaliable to the public, they have had 2 months to prepare for this outbreak and the measures to be taken to contain the virus have not been severe enough. The reason the numbers in Quebec, Canada are lower than others is because they are only testing people that have been to infected countries, which is a big problem. Other countries like south korea and Italy do up to 10 000 tests a day. You will not find something unless you are looking for it, and right now I feel they're just waiting for lots of people to show up at hospitals, but then itll be too late. 

Thank you and I hope that this will change the way the outbreak is being handled