Drive-Through Covid-19 Testing

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Stewart Saunders
May 11, 2020
COVID-19 lives 3 days on plastic. Artificial turf is plastic. It is potentially a high transfer point for COVID-19 that will infect players, their families, and the players and families from visiting teams. Please also sign my petition asking the United States Consumer Product Safety Commision to ban all artificial turf installations and replacements until solutions are found to stop COVID-19 and it is somewhat "controlled". Please find and sign it now to help save some lives. Also, go to and file a complaint against the product. I've done 14 months of research on the dangers. If you need fire, heat, infection or injury information please email me at Please forward this information to friends wanting to make a change. Thank you

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a Concerned Canadian ...
1 year ago
Please support my petition and encourage others to do the same!

Can you please put a link on your petition so that we can all support each other and get this to happen?