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Petitioning Department of Fisheries and Oceans - Coast Guard Government of Canada

Government of Canada - Department of Fisheries and Oceans: Relight the Pugwash Lighthouse

The Pugwash Lighthouse has been snuffed out, this landmark of Pugwash has been a navigational aid to ships, fishermen/women & pleasure craft operators for years. The light has also been enjoyed by local people and tourists alike. Help us bring this big landmark back to our village

Letter to
Department of Fisheries and Oceans - Coast Guard Government of Canada
Relight the Pugwash Lighthouse

Speaking Out For The Pugwash Lighthouse
The 2013 spring lobster fishing season is upon us and for the first time in years the fish- ers off the coast of Pugwash and throughout the Northumberland Strait will notice something very different, the Pugwash Lighthouse and other bea- cons are no longer flashing.
The Federal Government has reduced funding for the beacons and the impact of their decision has yet to be determined by the commercial shipping industry but is already being felt by residents and cottagers and the summer has yet to begin.
As a student of the Marine Navigation program at Georgian College the importance of these bea- cons is paramount. The belief of the Department of Fisheries and Oceans is that GPS (Global Positioning System) and Electronic Charting Systems can replace these old-fashioned lighthous- es that are out of date and antiquated. However, they don’t realize the program I am studying teach- es me how to navigate safely when these electronic aids crash or become unavailable. With each light- house having a unique signature, the light flashes at a different rate making it individual from any others in the area. With the loss of the light the safety of the environment, vessel and its crew could be in danger.
Recreational boaters also use the lighthouse when navigating at night. This beacon indicates many things to boaters. It can mean “I’m Home” or “There is danger nearby.”
This vital information comes from a simple light bulb and can be so relieving when arriving late or after a rough ride home.
The sentimental value of these beacons is as important to residents and cottagers as they are to navigators. I remember as a child when the light in the lighthouse came on it was time for bed and that was the same for my father when he was a child, a common childhood memory along our cottage lane.
I am not familiar with the cost to taxpayers to operate these lights, but it’s a light bulb in front of high power magnifying lens. That’s right, a light bulb.
Lets remember that Prime Minister Stephen Harper mailed thousands of pamphlets to Canadians about the newly-elected Liberal leader; this action is perfectly acceptable if it were coming from the Conservative Parties budget, not the tax- payer’s pockets and not to mention the Economic Action Plan commercials played out on TV. While this plan has aided the economy in the past it wrapped up almost two years ago. Why can’t we take those funds and keep the Pugwash light lit,not to mention relighting the hundreds that have been extinguished across Canada.
I encourage anyone interested in bringing this beacon back to life, to please contact your Member of Parliament, Mr. Scott Armstrong, toll free at 1-888-752-0552; sign the ongoing online petition by visiting and search “Relight the Pugwash Lighthouse”. With your help we can demonstrate how large an icon the Pugwash Lighthouse is to the small Village of Pugwash.

Jeff Marchant and