Demanding a voice in Western Canada and the broken Canadian Election system

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I am a woman born and raised in Alberta. I am a mother of two children, a wife of an Oilfield Worker, a worker myself in the energy industry, and we are a farming family. I am not a politician, a pro on politics, or someone who will dismiss anyone who doesn’t share the same political views. I’m just a Canadian who cares about the future of her family, and our country. I’m writing this in hopes of change, because after the results from yesterday’s election— I cannot sleep. I am worried about the future of our Country, and I feel like the gut-wrenching deficit of Canada as if it is my own, and I can’t imagine our economy getting any worse than it already is. I can’t imagine what life would look like if my husband lost his job in the oilfield (as thousands have), or my position in the energy industry, and everyday that nightmare could come true for us. With vulnerable trade agreements, we could lose everything we have built on our farm. The amount of tax that is deducted from us is just another struggle. Like I said, just a regular Alberta family. 

The results are in for the 2019 Canadian Election. The Progressive Conservative Party with 2,019,287 votes at 33.92% and the Liberal Government with 2,011,936 votes at 33.80%. It looks as though it’s a WIN for the progressive Conservative party, but unfortunately, due to the broken voting system in Canada — It’s not. The problem is that Western Canada has less ridings than Eastern Canada, so it seems that our voice, our vote— doesn’t matter. There could be thousands more votes, but it doesn’t matter, there should have been more seats for the Green Party, the BQ Party, and the NDP also, and there wasn’t. We are robbed of our right as a Canadian to be heard from the moment we mark an X on a ballot. It’s proven that Eastern Canada obtains more seats with less population in certain areas, and even though Cities in Alberta have a higher population, it doesn’t count for as many. The system is broken, it is unfair, un-just, and it NEEDS to be fixed. Every vote should be equal, every vote should count. Ridings should not matter here.

WE are people, we make up the population in Canada, and we are a DEMOCRACY. The definition of Democracy is: A system of government by the WHOLE population or eligible members in which the people have authority to CHOOSE their government. The system in place vanquishes the definition of a democracy. It’s discriminatory. It should not matter where you live, it should only matter that a individual person counts as a vote. If the votes tally up, and the majority of votes are in favour of one party, THAT should be the party that WINS the majority/minority Government. We in Western Canada feel unheard, robbed, over worked, undervalued, unfair, but we in Alberta know that Canada would struggle without Albertans, the stats show it, our industries, the oil, the farming, the equalization payments—money taken from us and given to others with NO appreciation, with no desire to stand together, to benefit each other. There is turmoil between the West and the East coast, and it’s sad to stand by and watch us become a divided nation. This is not the Canada we want. 

WE (anyone in Canada who wants to see our Country thrive again, we who feel the election once again has robbed us from a fair result) DEMAND fairness, justice and CHANGE to our system. The future of Canada MATTERS to us, it’s what we live for. This is our Canada, our future, our children’s future. 

We demand in all fairness that it’s the number of VOTES that matter when electing a Political Party, a Priminister, we demand the adequate proportional representation and that the system be changed so that the rightful Government(s) can represent the people in Canada accordingly. This includes all parties.

It’s not right. I’m looking for others who feel the same way. You might live in Alberta, or you might not, and that’s okay. We just want to be heard, and we want the system fixed, not just for us, but for every Canadian.