Petition to request that EI recipients be topped up to $500/wk to match CERB payments.

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I am a school bus driver (seasonal worker), who normally has an open EI claim throughout the year to cover work down times such as Christmas, March break, summer break, etc. Because of the fact I have an open EI claim, I do not qualify for the CERB until my current claim runs out. My dilemma is that I normally have just enough EI weeks to cover me during off times when I work steadily from September-June, however with Covid 19 I am quickly using up my weeks that are meant to get me through the summer break. On top of this I have gone from earning $900/bi-weekly regular wages, to $600/bi-weekly on EI. That’s $300/wk. I am requesting that the federal government top up EI recipients to match that of the CERB payment of $500/wk. Although I am budget careful throughout the year to make sure I am covered during the summer break, when my income is reduced to EI, I am not prepared to face this right now, when I would normally be earning a full time income. Please take the time to consider the people in these circumstances. Thank you!