Consequences for Vet offices overdosing your pets with prescriptions filled incorrectly

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Our cat named Boots had a prescription needing to be filled on a regular basis; I was determined to find a vet to fill this prescription closer to our home. As our regular vet was on the other side of the city. My wife and I came across Charleswood Vet Clinic who offered to fulfil this request.

As time went on we were no longer getting the professional service we were looking for from the staff members, particularly the clinic manager and receptionist. This was due to the fact we weren’t willing to switch vet check ups to their staff members as we already had one. This caused them to be hostile with us for just using them as a pharmacy. My wife and I had paid upfront for 3 viles of insulin that were to be diluted, ready to give to Boots on a daily basis. We had obtained 2 of the 3 viles from the vet and had determined it was best that we stop getting his meds there once we obtained the last one.

The last prescription was gathered from the vet and we thought that would be the end of our troubles with Charleswood Vet Clinic.

As any other day, we gave Boots his insulin and off to work we went. That day I happened to get off work early and when I walked through the door of my home I could hardly begin to describe the feeling rushing over my body as there was puke and feces throughout my whole main floor. In panic, I searched for my cat, my heart was racing. Finally as I pushed the couch away from the wall trying to locate him, there lied surrounded and covered in his own vomit and feces was my cat lying lifelessly. I started to cry holding his body close to mine.

I wasn’t ready to let him go and thought I would exert the only option to save his life. I began to try and resurrect him using CPR. After clearing his airway of vomit and doing compressions in time he let out an ever so faint meow. It was a horrifying howl sound that followed and I knew he was still there. With no time to waste I drove him to the nearest vet who explained there was very little chance of survival.

Boots was hospitalized and given continued care over the course of 2 days, which he then stabilized enough to be released. We were informed his insulin readings were off the charts.Once home, things never were the same again.

We spent the following months hand feeding him to try and build up his strength again. The use of appetite stimulants had to be used and those eventually did not work. In that course of time we had multiple vet visits and tests ran on Boots to try and determine how we could correct what has been done. One in which being, contacting our trusted vet to help us understand what could of caused this. They wished to see an image of the vile that was given to Boots.

The last vile given to us to our horror, was a lethal dosed prescription of full strength insulin. With knowing this information, we contacted Charleswood Vet Clinic. They stated they “just wanted us gone” so this was the only way in doing so. They did not apologize, instead they proceeded to blame us as we were the ones who injected our cat with the insulin. They got console with the vet association who just sided with them and turned a blind eye to the issue instead covering for them and blaming us. This is a self regulated governing body that protects vets and their clinic instead of protecting peoples pets. It needs to change. 

We were informed that there is no legislation against receptionists and managers when dealing with your pets. Unfortunately even with all our efforts of countless vet visits, costly bills, and no solution in sight with matters only getting worse, we had to say goodbye to our beloved pet. Since Boot’s death, we are left heartbroken. Mental and financial hardship has greatly affected us throughout these times and continues as we fight this battle to bring him justice. Please help us in doing so. 

In closing we hope to get the signatures to shut down the clinic, fine the clinic. and get those involved fired. Our bigger picture is to bring to the government to get a law passed that will hold vet clinics accountable for their actions . My hope is a system is put in place to fine the vet clinic, temporary suspend their license and/or lose their license. Our pets need voices and need to be treated as more then property. 

To all the pet parents and non pet parents out there thank you for taking the time to do this with me.