Change the solution used on icy roads in the winter in Canadian major cities and provinces

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In the past few years, the City of Edmonton in Alberta, Canada; has been a testing ground for solutions used on roads during the winter months. They have switched from gravel and sand, now to a new chemical compound called calcium chloride for the past few years. Unlike the others, which take time to clean up in the spring, this compound simply gets washed always when the snow melts.This is a great feat, with little to no clean up required. However, this compound is hazardous in more ways than one. It eats away at cars creating mass amounts of rust on vehicles that are either a few years old or brand new right off of the lot, roads are needing to be fixed annually because there are massive and extensive potholes which damage everywhere from road to more vehicular repairs, driveways are crumbling and I can’t imagine it’s good for humans, the environment or our pets either.

Considering that this is a liquid chemical, once it blends it can contaminate soil which can leech into food we eat, it will infect rivers and lakes by its melting with snow causing decay of marine life, creating bigger environmental issues. Canada has been so hell bent on climate change, but things like this do not help the environment thrive. 

The fact of the matter is that city is using a chemical that is not safe, which costs lots of money. Our tax dollars pay for the chemical, we pay for the construction to our damaged roads (which never stops), we pay for our new vehicles and then have to pay for rust repairs by the end of the winter, we have to pay for maintenance on driveways and garages and potentially animal medical bills. Not to mention the chemical cocktail that gets left to damage our ecosystem. So at the end of the day we are footing the bill, and these chemicals are being used carelessly AT OUR EXPENSE. 

The goal of this, is to reach politicians so that this “contaminate” does not reach other major Canadian hubs or other regions. Also to hold the people who are in charge of this project accountable for the destruction in all these areas. 

I believe there should be a rebate for winter tires and also they should be made mandatory to have on your vehicle, otherwise it would be deemed a punishable offence under the traffic safety act as it is a safety concern. Also I believe that, there should be a winter driving course and test, drivers should be required to pass before being allowed to drive in the winter on city roads and will receive a winter driving license upon completion. This will eliminate any chemicals being used and open the door to other potential solutions, as this is not a permanent one, before lazily choosing something that works but has more cons than pros. I hope that this message finds its home. Thank you.