Canada Needs to Take Immediate and Stricter Action to Battle the Coronavirus

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It’s a pandemic! It’s deadly! The number of confirmed cases keeps skyrocketing everyday in Canada. We must take proactive steps to combat this life-threatening situation.

We urge our government to:

1. Immediately ban international travel for at least the next 30 days
2. Require anyone coming back from abroad to undergo a mandatory self-isolation for at least 14 days, with financial support to ease their stress. A monetary punishment should apply if violated
3. Apply a mandatory sick leave policy, also with financial support
4. Provide a shelter for people who need to be isolated and do not have another place to stay away from family. This will prevent the spreading of the virus to family members
5. Set up more drive-through testing centres to speed up the testing and provide more privacy.
6. Set up special teams to look into each individual possible presumptive cases (i.e. close connections to a confirmed case, before those connections show symptoms)
7. Reduce the maximum limit for gatherings to 50 individuals, and urge people to move their meetings online
8. Provide financial aid for businesses to immediately produce our own medical supplies (e.g. surgical face masks, hand sanitizer, etc.) instead of relying on other countries to ease people‘s panic of shortages 

Taking the above actions immediately will give our front line health care professionals more time to prepare. The less cases we have, the more resources will will have available to help people recover from this disease.

We don’t want to be like other countries to take action when it is too late. Every life in our country is valuable. Nobody should suffer this kind of physical, mental, and fatal harm! We don’t want to lose any of our beloved family members or friends. Our health system cannot financially afford this any longer. Businesses are suffering badly as well.

Some of the above points are based off of  measures that Singapore has already implemented. Please take Singapore‘s gold standard as a example to protect our people! We still have time before this situation really gets out of control!