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I've started a petition to ban public displays of abortion. This is something that by all means could be taught in high school as part of the sex ed and parenting classes, but there is absolutely NO REASON why this needs to be displayed on our public streets or to be distributed to our mailboxes. When people hear the word "abortion" they already well know what it is! There is no reason for having this out in the open where young children can see it and be negatively impacted! Nobody wants to see this when they are simply going on lunch break or heading out for a family outing. It is obscene, disturbing and obnoxious. I'm sure if a petition was filed and there were enough signatures that the MP would have to bring it to parliament. There are laws for ridiculous causes so why can't there be a law against something that citizens feel so strongly negatively impacts our society!  The movie that was made about Karla Homolka & Paul Bernardo was banned for being graphic and disturbing. So I'm sure there is no reason the government can't ban these protesters graphic and disturbing signs and displays. If my daughter at a school age was to ever come home and say "Mommy, on my way home from school I saw something scary. There was a man on the street holding a big picture of a bloody baby. What happened to the baby, Mommy?" I would absolutely lose my cool!!!. It is too much for the general public, for our CHILDREN, to see. PLEASE SUPPORT THIS. PASS IT ON.

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