Ban All Anti-ProChoice Displays In Canada.

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#IWasCutToo, a Human Rights Group, is calling on Canadian governments to make it illegal to display anti-abortion advertising.
Calgary passed a bylaw banning anti-abortion flyers/displays under public nuisance bylaws, and it is asked that the same be done across Canada to ban flyers, posters, billboards, websites and any other of visual which goes against human rights.
Everyone in Canada has the right to their own opinion, but it is unethical to visually display opinions which are to the contrary of any human rights.
The right to abortion is legal in Canada, and it is asked all anti-abortion advertising be made illegal in Canada.
Family planning clinics continue to be protested in Canada which is an unethical right to assemble. And despite the 150 meter distance laws in Ontario, groups continue to organize against human rights.
Supporters are asked to contact their governmental officials and complain against this human rights violation.
Currently surrounding Stratford Ontario, Ani-Abortion themed billboards exist; these billboards are being challenged in a political rally on September 29, 2018, downtown Stratford. This issue will result in legal court proceedings.