Create call centres in Canada and stop outsourcing!

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To the Minister of Finance,
Government of Canada,
Major Corporations of Canada
Private companies in Canada.

We wish to bring to your attention the outsourcing that is done to overseas call centers associated with companies in Canada. Major companies across Canada are outsourcing their call centre work to various countries. Major companies in Canada have technical help, help for sales, billing and other queries directed to their call centers. In most cases these call centers are situated in countries like India, Philippines, Nicaragua, Poland and many more nations. During the last many years Canadians are facing problems in various ways as outsourcing continues.

People in Canada have faced various issues with call centers which are outsourced. There is a language barrier between the Canadian audiences and the staff in the call centers. Tonality of speaking the English language is vastly different. Various concerns about difference in understanding the cultural aspects between Canadian audiences and the staff of the call centers plays a big part in inefficiency. An overall level of inefficiency at the overseas call centers is creating a lot of inconvenience to Canadian population. Canadians are not getting the flavor of professionalism in any of this.

Why should the Canadians have to go through this ordeal? We request the government and the private companies to consider developing our own call centers and hiring Canadians for this job.

Also, the outsourcing of jobs to other countries has led to a large number of Canadians left out to fill up those job positions here in Canada. People are jobless or are getting jobless in Canada yet the people from other countries are being given jobs that are related to Canadians. The same work can be done by Canadians as is being outsourced to people from outside Canada

If jobs are given to Canadians it'll help us to create a better gross national product for Canada. There will be a Canadian flavor in the communications in the call centers. Efficiency of Canadian companies and individuals will go up besides creating a lot of jobs here in Canada.

The Canadians request the government of Canada, major government corporations, Canadian companies to consider opening call centers in Canada. At the same time, we also ask that the jobs of Canadians being given to companies overseas be stopped. It is highly unfair to see our jobs landing away from us. There's ample supply of Canadian talent right within Canada and it makes no point to give away our precious jobs. 

Thank you!