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Government of Bulgaria: Stop the torture of helpless animals

Stray animals are suffering gunshots, dismemberment and horrific levels of abuse in Bulgaria on account of the government not enforcing its own animal protection laws. These animals need to be protected and their cruel abusers brought to justice.  



The stray animals of Bulgaria have a serious problem.  They are being tortured in countless ways and the government is doing absolutely nothing to stop it.  Stray dogs are shot by sadists who use them for target practice, amputating their limbs, ripping out their tongues and performing other unspeakable cruelties to these helpless animals. 

Bulgaria established the Animal Protection Act of 2008 which forbids inhumane handling of animals and places strays under special protection, and on April 14, 2011, Bulgarian Parliament passed an amendment in the penal code, which criminalizes extreme cruelty to animals.  But these legal protections are not being enforced by their police force or by their government.  Animal torturers are left completely unpunished, not even having to pay a fine.  Cruelty cases never even go to court.

Bulgaria receives millions of Euros in funding each year to deal with their stray population.  The European Union advises all member states that all animals are sentient beings and should be treated humanely.  They advise member states to adhere to animal protocol, yet Bulgaria continues to ignore this.



I strongly oppose:

1.  the torture and inhumane treatment of Bulgaria’s stray animals.

2.  the Bulgarian government’s negligence on this matter.


I ask for the following changes:

1.  Bulgaria needs to start enforcing its own animal welfare laws.

2.  Bulgarian police are obliged to stop anyone found torturing or abusing stray animals.

3.  The convicted must face the full measure of the law.


Bulgaria is now being tagged by many as “The Dark Territory”, regarded as a nation of sadistic animal haters and torturers.  Millions of people are boycotting Bulgaria, and this is one of the reasons the country continues to be vilified.



We are calling on the Bulgarian government to start upholding its animal protection laws, and convicting animal abusers with the full weight of the law.  We are calling on Bulgarian police to enforce the protection of strays from abuse, convicting anyone found guilty of such atrocities. 

Just because an animal is a stray does not mean its life has no value, and we want to see these victimized stray animals of Bulgaria ushered into safe surroundings, free of the threat of inhumane treatment.  We want to see Bulgaria’s animal abusers face hefty punishment by law, and its government officials turn their attention to this matter and act.

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  • Mayoress of Pernik, Bulgaria
    Mrs. Yanakieva
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