Prevention spreading Wuhan coronavirus in Canada.

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I am a Canadian citizen, I have a Biology and Chemistry bachelor degree, my father is Russian scientist epidemiologist, professor, my elder sister is a U.S. M.D.. My young sister is a M.D.

Our State: IF THERE IS NO TEST FOR INCUBATOR PERIOD AT CANADIAN BOARD, We ask the Canadian authorities to do more preventive steps:
-Canadians need N95 masks in pharmacies stocks in Metro Vancouver and Canada. Sold out at the moment. 
- Canadians need video info media releases about how to use the preventive mask in the right safety way. There are WHO’s recommendation on website. 
- Canadians need the alcohol based pocket hands sanitizers in pharmacy stock in Metro Vancouver and Canada. Sold out at the moment. 
- Canadians need availabilityto wash/clean our hands in public places like Skytrain and bus station/stops. 

This week all guys are coming back from China, from Lunar New year festival bringing the coronavirus in the incubator period, without any symptoms. This coronavirus has the incubator period up to 14 days, while people do not have any symptoms but spreading virus outside. The regular flu vaccine doesn’t work... How many times per day, a “looks like health human” is sneezing? All that times people are spreading a virus around 2 meters,, The N95 Marks and pocket/wall hand washing/cleaning availability in public places will stop the spreading.

 Please sign anyone who want to stop the coronavirus spreading!