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Deny BSL from being enacted in B.C.

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Stopping the ownership of a breed so intelligent and loyal seems drastic. Punishing everyone for a small handful of people's misdeeds is unfair. The rules of the ban are as follows ;
Except as permitted by this Act or the regulations, no person shall,

(a) own a pit bull;

(b) breed a pit bull;

(c) transfer a pit bull, whether by sale, gift or otherwise;

(d) abandon a pit bull other than to a pound operated by or on behalf of a municipality, Ontario or a designated body;

(e) allow a pit bull in his or her possession to stray;

(f) import a pit bull into Ontario; or

(g) train a pit bull for fighting.[21]

Pit bulls are "grandfathered" if they were owned by an Ontario resident on August 29, 2005, or born in Ontario within 90 days after August 29, 2005. These dogs are subject to strict regulation and control, including the following:

They must be muzzled and kept on a leash no more than 1.8 meters long when in public or not on enclosed property
They must be spayed or neutered unless a veterinarian certifies the dog is physically unfit to be anesthetized
They are automatically euthanized if a court finds they have bitten, attacked, or posed a menace, or if their owners are found to be in violation of the law or a related court order.
Their owners are entirely liable for any and all damage caused by a bite or an attack.

A document purporting to be signed by a member of the College of Veterinarians of Ontario stating that a dog is a pit bull within the meaning of this Act is receivable in evidence in a prosecution for an offence under this Act as proof, in the absence of evidence to the contrary, that the dog is a pit bull for the purposes of this Act, without proof of the signature and without proof that the signatory is a member of the College.
These rules seem harsh and are put in place simply to wipe out a breed. Pit bulls are not one specific type of breed and many dogs can be lumped into this label and be put down just for their looks. I do agree there needs to be laws to protect people from aggressive dogs, but not just pit bulls, any type of dog can bite or maim or injure.
We need our government to find a middle ground here, not go to the extreme. Education not extermination.

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