Bringing Presumed Consent Legislation for Organ Donation to BC

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THE ISSUE: Every year people in BC die waiting for organ donation. Today on the Organ Donation Wait List there are just over 750 people in need.  In 2018 BC set a new record with 122 successful organ donations with 27 people dying on the wait list, so you can see the need is greater than the donations received.

THE SOLUTION: BC needs to move from an "expressed consent" framework to a "presumed consent" model for organ donation.

Presumed consent will save lives by allowing more donations to occur. The government can change the legislation to state: when an adult dies, they have already consented to donate their organs unless they expressly state they do not want to donate their organs, for whatever the reason, religious or otherwise. The current situation is the opposite: if you want to donate your organs you must fill out a form and register with the Transplant Society.

In my family both my brother and sister are recipients of organ donation and it has saved both of their lives. I also have an aunt who was waiting for a kidney transplant, but she died while on the waiting list. This is the reason I am starting this petition; it has touched me personally and I want to help other people survive and continue living healthy lives with donated organs.

When surveyed there is already a 90% support for organ donation in BC but only 28% of people have registered as organ donors; and in the end only 1-2% of deaths result in a potential organ donation; and the number of successful transplants is lower yet.

In April of this year Nova Scotia became the first province in Canada to have a “presumed consent” model for organ donation. Research Co. conducted a poll that found two thirds of BC already supports changing to a “presumed consent” model of organ donation.

Let’s get BC to be the 2nd province in Canada to adopt this approach to saving more lives. Please sign and pass it along to others.