Ban all advertising on streets and highways to help prevent distracted drivers.

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With all the distracted driving happening in BC, including the crack down of the RCMP on sipping coffee, having a cigarette or changing the volume on your radio, it seems that everyone is ignoring one of the worst offenders directly aimed at drivers: Road Side advertisements.

These implements are directly aimed at drivers, designed to catch their attention and avert the driver's eyes from the road. This is a blatant and horrible disregard of human health and well being. Just look everywhere you go, every street, every corner, even down the highway on road trips, there are advertisements everywhere.

If sipping a coffee or taking a drink from a water bottle is grounds for a distracted driving ticket, then all these advertisements need to be taken down and the advertisers fined accordingly per vehicle their advert is seen by. One sip of water could be 168 dollars and 3 points against someone's license, yet these road side advertisements are directly aimed and designed to try and distract every driver that passes by.

This must stop. We need to get rid of the advertising and make our roads safe again. Please pass this along, share it again and again to keep the word going. 

Stay safe out there friends, and keep your eyes on the road, not the bus stop advertisements.