Vote NO to Bermuda Government's Rushed Health Reform

Vote NO to Bermuda Government's Rushed Health Reform

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Bermuda, let's take the time to find other viable solutions to reduce health care costs and protect the under-insured.

Bermuda Government is planning to launch a Unified Health Plan in Autumn 2020. This means a complete switch from the existing health care system.

Government is creating a health insurance monopoly and will make it law that every person in Bermuda must pay into it.

Also, Unified health schemes usually rely heavily on income tax to be successful. Are more taxes waiting in the shadows to support this plan? 

In government's 4-month public consultation the Unified scheme is NOT up for discussion - government has already decided, despite evidence that most health care stakeholders are against it because of the likely negative impact on patients quality of care.

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Vote NO to a mandatory Unified Health System that will impact quality of care without reducing costs.  

Vote NO to rushed health reform. When asked for the details of the plan at public forums, the government openly says they don't have the answers. Responsible reform takes time and requires real consultation with all stakeholders.

When you vote NO, it means more time for everyone to be part of Bermuda's most important issue - Health Care Reform.